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EV Tour X Video Disc Jockey Karaoke Computer System DJ

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Brutus was designed to give the Club owner or Serious Disc Jockey a competitive edge. This system is using the most advanced Computer Technology, Speakers Technology and Signal Processing on the market. The tx 1152 speakers are also flyable for installed sound systems. More details...
Price: $8,999.99
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EV Tour X Video Disc Jockey Karaoke Computer System DJ
EV Tour X Video Disc Jockey Karaoke Computer System DJ
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Product Details

 Brutus Tour X Disc Jockey Karaoke Video Disc Jockey System

Brutus was designed to give the Club owner or Disc Jockey's the best you can buy. This system is using the most advanced Computer Technology, Speakers Technology and Signal Processing on the market. The Speakers are powered by the time tested QSC power amplifiers. The system is controlled by a DBX Drive rack PA+. These new advancements will give you better sound and ease of operation. This system is supported by a knowledgeable Sales and Service team.
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Other Key Features: The Tour TX 1152 have built in fly points. Just screw in I Bolts and you can fly these speakers from the ceiling. Its a great way to keep the speakers out of the way. These speakes are built in the U.S.A.
The DBX drive rack will come pre configured. All you have to do is turn it on. You can always try your own settings if you like. But we will pre configure you system for maximum performance.

  • System Includes
  • LCD Monitor
  • LCD Monitor Vesa Mount
  • Rack mount Pull out Keyboard with touch pad
  • 2 Tour X Speakers TX 1152 These Speakers can "FLY" Great for permanent installs
  • 2 Tour X Sub Woofers TX 2181
  • 1 QSC GX 5 Power amplifier
  • 2 QSC RMX 1450 Power amplifiers
  • 1 DBX Drive rack Pre configure by our Pro Install Division
  • EV Wireless Microphone system legendary 767
  • Numark C3FX
  • "Brutus" A Highly Refined Disc Jockey Computer, Video Disc Jockey Computer, and Karaoke Computer
  • This System is assembled and calibrated by our service department before it is shipped. We take pride in our job to service you.
  • This System can easily be upgraded for most Venue's.

Tour X

Electro-Voice engineering ensures the Worlds biggest tours and events sound their best. The experience weve gained from 80 years spent shaping and influencing the professional sound reinforcement business makes its way into every loudspeaker we manufacture, including the new Tour X.
Tour X embodies the same Electro-Voice engineering excellence and aesthetic design found in its world class tour systems. Its form is seamlessly integrated into practical, functional elements that make a bold statement about its multi-application purpose and breakthrough performance.
A host of innovative features and patent pending designs make Tour X the most exciting loudspeaker series available today:
Breakthrough SMX woofers achieve incredibly low levels of woofer distortion without sacrificing sensitivity
Aesthetically unique, patent pending Backbone grille design for superior strength and damage resistance
Steep slope analog crossovers with elliptical filters that provide up to 36dB per octave slopes
All new proprietary EV designed ergonomic handles and angled input panels

Tour X

Disc jockey system karaoke system Video Disc Jockey System

Tour X 15 inch Mid High


15-inch Two-way Full range

The Electro-Voice TX1152 fits the bill when the low frequency extension of a 15-inch woofer is required, along with outstanding pattern control from the rotate-able, larger 60 x 40 horn. Utilizing the incredibly low distortion SMX2150 15-inch woofer, the TX1152 boasts specs normally associated with loudspeakers priced well over twice as much. The aesthetically unique Backbone grille not only looks great, but also provides greater strength and damage resistance than simple grille block designs. Proprietary ergonomically correct handles and angled input panels, integrated pole mount and (6) 3/8-inch threaded suspension inserts make the TX1152 easy to transport and employ in a variety of applications.


Frequency Response (-3dB) 55 - 20000 Hz
Frequency Response (-10dB) 40 - 20000 Hz
Recommended High-Pass Frequency 40 Hz
Sensitivity 1W/1m 100 dB
Max. SPL / 1m (calc) 133 dB
Coverage (nominal -6dB) H 60
Coverage (nominal -6dB) V 40
Rotatable Horn Yes
System Power Handling (continuous/program/peak) 500/1000/2000 Watts
LF Transducer SMX2151
HF Transducer DH3
Crossover Frequency 1650 Hz
Nominal Impedance (Passive) 8 Ohms
Minimum Impedance 5.6 Ohms
Enclosure Material Plywood and MDF with EVCOAT
Suspension (6) 3/8-inch threaded inserts
Color Black
Flying Yes
Input Connections Parallel Neutrik® NL4
Internal Crossover Yes
Speaker Type Fullrange
Weight Net 27.8 kg ( 61.29 lbs )
Dimensions (HxWxD) 776 x 446 x 446 mm
(30.55" x 17.56" x 17.56")


Powering the EV TX 1152 Speakers The QSC GX 5



  • Power levels matched to the most popular speakers used by entertainers
  • Optimized for maximum real-world headroom into 4 ohm and 8 ohm speaker systems
  • Inputs: XLR, 1/4" TRS and phono input connectors for compatibility with any source
  • Outputs: Speakon® combo accepts, 1/4" (TS) plugs or Speakon 2-pole and 4-pole plugs (connects 2 poles only). Binding posts support all other speaker wiring systems.
  • Minimum depth chassis (10.1" / 257 mm) fits in compact, inexpensive effects racks
  • Lightweight less than 30 lbs (13.5 kg)
  • Detented gain controls for precise setting and matching of sensitivity
  • GuardRail automatically protects the amplifier and loudspeakers from damage due to temperature rise or overdrive without shutting down the show
  • Front panel LEDs monitor Power, Signal and Clipping
  • Subwoofer/Satellite crossover built-in
  • Register your GX5 amplifier for the 6 year Extended Warranty


The GX5 uses a Class H system, based on key elements of the PLX Series, almost doubling power in the same size and weight. QSC design expertise allows the output devices to shift from low-power to high-power rails in less than a millionth of a second, ensuring that the output power is always right where it needs to be without excess loss.

Both amplifiers use premium toroidal power transformers for reliable "mid-weight" performance. A variable-speed fan moves air crosswise through the amplifier, drawing cool air in over the power transformer, through the fan, and then over the heat sink. This keeps the transformer cool and allows a full size heat sink to fit in a down-sized chassis. As always, the amplifiers are fully protected from the usual hazards of the trade, ensuring stable performance and long life.


GuardRail protection delivers full peak power while preventing detrimental overloads. During excessive clipping, or extreme overheating, GuardRail reduces gain just enough to preserve the integrity of the music, protect the speakers and keep the audience excited, without unprofessional distortion levels or shutdowns. Learn more about how GuardRail Protection works

Subwoofer/Satellite Crossover

A subwoofer reduces strain on the full-range speaker, allowing it to play louder, or letting a smaller speaker do the same job. The GX Series supports this mode with a Crossover switch that splits the full-range input entering Ch 1, sending 20 Hz - 100 Hz to the sub (Ch 1) and 100 Hz - 20 kHz to the top box (Ch 2). The front panel gain controls balance the sub and top box, while GuardRail optimizes peak power into the sub and top individually, for greater musical impact and dynamic range. Learn More



All specifications refer to pre-production samples and are subject to change without notice.


GX Series
8 ohms / 1 kHz (both channels driven) 500 W  
8 ohms / 1 kHz (single channels driven) 600 W  
4 ohms / 1 kHz (both channels driven) 700 W  
4 ohms / 1 kHz (single channels driven) 850 W  
Distortion (typical)
20 Hz - 20 kHz, 1 dB below rated power
8 ohms: less than 0.05%
4 ohms: less than 0.1%
Signal to Noise (20 Hz - 20 kHz) 100 dB
Input Sensitivity 1.2 Vrms
Voltage Gain (8 ohms) 34.4 dB  
Output Circuitry 2-tier Class H  
Power Requirements (1/8 power, pink noise at 4 ohms, 120V) 6.A  
Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 kHz, +0, -1 dB
Dynamic Headroom (4 ohms) 2 dB
Input Impedance (ohms) Greater than 20k (balanced)
Maximum Input Level
+24 dB (16 Vrms)
Input Connectors (each channel) 3-pin XLR and 1/4" TRS, balanced, parallel
Phono, unbalanced
Output Connectors (each channel) Speakon®, 1/4", Binding Posts  
Amplifier and Load Protection Short circuit, open circuit, thermal, RF protection
Load protected against DC faults
Front Panel Controls and Indicators Gain controls, 21 detents
Red Clip LEDs, proportional, 0.1% THD threshold
Green Signal LEDs, threshold -35 dB
Blue Power LED, AC on
Rear Panel Controls Full Range / Crossover switch
100 Hz, 3rd order LP (sub), 2nd order HP (top)
Dimensions Height: 3.5" (89 mm) 2RU
Width: 19" (483 mm)
Depth: 10.1" (257 mm)
Weight Net: 28 lbs (12.6 kg)
Shipping: 32 lbs (14.6 kg)
Agency Approvals UL, CE, RoHS/WEEE Compliant
AC Power Consumption
AC Current and Heating, 120 VAC
Operating Condition AC amps BTU / hr
Idle 0.3 60
8 + 8 ohms, 1/8 power 1 3.3 734
8 + 8 ohms, 1/3 power 2 8.5 1456
8 + 8 ohms, full power 3 16.2 1891
4 + 4 ohms, 1/8 power 1 5.8 1160
4 + 4 ohms, 1/3 power 2 11.2 2162
4 + 4 ohms, full power 3 24.5 3754

1 1/8 power represents typical operating conditions
2 1/3 power represents peak program levels
3 Full power is breaker limited to short periods
For 230 V, multiply AC current by 0.5
For 100 V, multiply AC current by 1.25


EV Tour x Twin 18 Sub


Dual 18-inch Direct Radiator Subwoofer

When powerful low frequency reproduction is required, the TX2181 delivers. Ideal as the companion sub to the TX2152 in a two subs to one top ratio, with the EV DC-One handling crossover and processing duties, the TX2181 makes excellent use of its dual EVS18S woofers to provide all the low end necessary for a truly high-end professional rig. In addition, the TX2181 works as an outstanding addition to a variety of other EV loudspeaker products. With incredibly high sensitivity and excellent power handling the TX2181 doesn't require an enormous, expensive amplifier to generate high SPL. The aesthetically unique Backbone grille not only looks great, but also provides greater strength and damage resistance than simple grille block designs. Proprietary ergonomically correct handles and angled input panels make the TX2181 easy to transport and employ in a variety of applications.


Frequency Response (-3dB) 50 - 160 Hz
Frequency Response (-10dB) 40 - 1500 Hz
Recommended Low-Pass Frequency 80 - 120 Hz
Sensitivity 1W/1m 103 dB
Max. SPL / 1m (calc) 138 dB
System Power Handling (continuous/program/peak) 1000/2000/4000 Watts
LF Transducer (2) EVS18S
Nominal Impedance (Passive) 4 Ohms
Minimum Impedance 2.9 Ohms
Enclosure Material Plywood and MDF with EVCOAT
Color Black
Flying No
Input Connections Parallel Neutrik® NL4
Internal Crossover No
Speaker Type Subs
Weight Net 56.1 kg ( 123.68 lbs )
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1154 x 508 x 691 mm
(45.43" x 20" x 27.2")

QSC RMX 1450


RMX 1450
8 ohms
FTC 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.1% THD
EIA 1 kHz, 0.1% THD

260 W
280 W
4 ohms
FTC 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.1% THD
EIA 1 kHz, 0.1% THD

400 W
450 W
2 ohms
EIA 1 kHz, 1% THD

700 W
8 ohms
FTC 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.1% THD
EIA 1 kHz, 0.1% THD

800 W
900 W
4 ohms
EIA 1 kHz, 1% THD

1400 W
Signal to Noise, 20 Hz-20 kHz 100 dB
Distortion (SMPTE-IM) Less than 0.01%
Input Sensitivity @ 8 ohms 1.15V (+3.4 dBu)
Voltage Gain 40x (32 dB)
Output Circuitry AB
Power Requirements
1/8 power pink noise at 4 ohms *
Distortion (Typical)
20 Hz - 20 kHz: 10 dB below rated power
1.0 kHz and below: full rated power

Less than 0.03% THD, 4 and 8 ohms
Less than 0.03% THD, 4 and 8 ohms
Frequency Response 20 Hz-20 kHz, 1 dB
-3 dB points: 5 Hz - 50 kHz
Damping Factor, 1 kHz and below Greater than 300 at 8 ohms
Input Impedance 10k ohms unbalanced, 20k ohms balanced
Input Clipping 10 Vrms (+22 dB)
Cooling Continuously variable-speed fan, rear-to-front air flow
Connectors, each channel Input: Active balanced; barrier strip, XLR and 1/4" (6.3mm)
TRS tip and XLR (pin 2 positive)
Output: touch-proof binding posts and Neutrik® Speakon®
Controls Front: AC switch, Ch. 1 and Ch. 2 gain knobs
Rear: 10-position DIP switch
Indicators Power-On: Green LED
Signal: Yellow LED (1 per channel)
Clip: Red LED (1 per channel)
Amplifier Protection Stable into reactive or mismatched loads
Load Protection On/off muting, AC coupling (850, 1450), triac crowbar (1850HD, 2450, on each channel)
Power Requirements 100, 120, 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions 19" (48.3 cm) rack mounting, 3.5" (8.9 cm) tall (2 RU),
15.9" (40 cm) deep (rack mounting to rear support ears)
Weight 40 lbs (18.2 kg) net

Pre Configured Setting programmed by us

  • Disc Jockey
  • Karaoke
  • Wedding Dinner

The best just got even better! The DriveRack PA, far and away the world’s most popular loud speaker management system has now become the DriveRack PA+; the best has indeed gotten better. Showcasing all the features that users around the world have come to expect, including easy setup, rock-solid reliability and unparalleled sound quality, the new version has gone to great lengths to earn its “plus.” With more settings, more control and enhanced circuitry, the sound you seek is right at your fingertips.


dbx DriveRack PX Speaker Optimizer Features:  NOW ! Upgraded to Drive rack PA +

  • Stereo feedback elimination with 12 feedback notch filters
  • Dual 28-band graphic EQ
  • Classic dbx Compressor
  • 120A subharmonic synthesizer
  • Stereo multi-band parametric EQ
  • Stereo PeakStopPlus limiters
  • Pink noise generator
  • Auto-EQ with 28-band RTA
  • Pre configuered for the TourX system
  • dbx M2 measurement mic and zippered pouch included
  • Front panel RTA-Mic XLR input with phantom power
  • 25 user programs / 25 factory programs
  • 2-channel XLR Input
  • 2-channel XLR Output
  • 2-channel XLR Sub Output
  • 24-bit ADC/24-bit DAC, >110 dB dynamic range
  • dbx Type IVTM conversion system
  • Full graphic LCD display


The RE-2 Series Wireless Microphone System is a completely programmable frequency agile system with Advanced ClearScan, a dual band compander, rugged and powerful transmitters and many other features that make it worthy of the legendary RE label.

The N/D767a presents optimal performance in a live sound environment. The 767a vocal microphone utilizes EVs VOB (Vocally Optimized Bass) technology to
provide the performer with reduced low-end distortion and eliminates the muddiness found in other microphones. Combined with EVs industry first
neodymium based magnet structure, the N/D767a offers the power and clarity to cut through the mix.

The low frequency response of the N/D767a microphone varies with the distance from the sound source. Known as proximity effect, maximum bass
response is produced in close-up use with the microphone 1/4 inch from the sound source. Normal bass response is experienced with working distances
greater than 24 inches. Working close to the microphone will produce a more robust sound. Closeup positioning of the microphone will also reduce the
potential for feedback from the sound reinforcement system. When close-talked, the bass-boost provides an increase in overall microphone output level.
The mixer gain may be proportionately reduced, resulting in a reduction of the systems sensitivity to feedback caused by sound entering the microphone
from the loudspeakers.



Numark C3 FX Karaoke and disc jockey mixer


C3FX is a rack mixer with five mic inputs and digital effects for DJs, clubs, houses of worship, performance venues and more. Integrated DSP featuring digital studio effect processing fills out the sound perfectly in any situation or setting.

Configured with four channels plus DJ mic control, C3FX includes five microphone, five line, and three phono inputs. Every channel includes steep three-band EQ. Balanced, Master, Record, and Zone outputs complete a comprehensive array of connections.

Advanced digital effect-processing from Alesis includes two type of Hall Reverb, three different Room Reverbs, three Plate Reverbs, Stereo, Flanger, two types of Echo, Chorus-Reverb, Auto Wah, Vocal Cancel, and Auto Pan. The innovative Vocal Cancel setting even allows you to remove the lead vocal on almost any song and sing along, making C3FX ideal for use as a karaoke mixer.

Split and blend-cueing are available options, as well as PFL gain-adjust, fader start, and panning on the master fader. The crossfader is replaceable and assignable for lengthy lifespan.

C3FX excels as both a club DJ mixer and karaoke mixer.
  • Four-channel rack DJ mixer
  • Inputs: three phono (RCA), five line (RCA), five mic (1/4")
  • Outputs: Balanced (XLR), Master (RCA), Record (RCA), Zone (RCA), Headphone (1/4" stereo)
  • 16 Alesis digital effects including multiple reverbs, chorus, flange, delay, and more
  • Vocal Cancel setting allows you to remove the lead vocal on almost any song and sing along
  • Three-band EQ on each channel
  • Cueing and crossfading

Disc Jockey Computer

Rack Mount PC: Lightyearmusic ensures the best computer components for the modern Disc Jockey, Video Disc Jockey, and Karaoke
Jockey . Key features of this system are Performance and reliability. The computer keeps your data safe by writing the same information
to two hard drives instead of one. If one hard drive fails your data is safe. All you do is replace the defective hard drive and the computer
generates a new copy on its own. This system is designed for Video Disc Jockeys, Disc Jockeys, and Karaoke Jockeys.


Video Disc Jockey mother Board



Disc Jockey Computer Front

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