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RSQ Ka 2000 Karaoke Amplifier Km 1000 n Karaoke Player Karaoke Music System

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Complete Karaoke System , Karaoke Amplifier, Karaoke Music, MP3+G Karaoke Player, Microphone, and Speakers More details...
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RSQ Ka 2000 Karaoke Amplifier Km 1000 n Karaoke Player Karaoke Music System
RSQ Ka 2000 Karaoke Amplifier Km 1000 n Karaoke Player Karaoke Music System
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Product Details
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RSQ Karaoke System KA 2000 amplifier KM100n Karaoke Player


  • KA 2000 Mixing Amplifier in SILVER
  • KM 1000 MP3+G Karaoke Player Also plays the standard CD+G
  • AWA P15 250 Watts RMS 15inch
  • (2) AWA Microphones with Cables
  • (2) 25 Foot Speaker Cables
  • (2) 20 Foot Video
  • Karaoke Music included 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's 00's
  • See complete details below


Commitment is standing behind our word. It is doing the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do. Go the distance to ensure that a promise made or implied is a promise kept.


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MP+G is the a Format the CDG manufactures are now producing.

Our Best Buy of the year. Working with RSQ since 1996 we decided to create a special Karaoke System
Package. We are using the highest rated karaoke components on the market in this package. This special
package will ship with a silver Ka 2000 mixing amplifier. All the components come with rack mounts kits at no extra charge.

Mediasync Corp. ( AKA RSQ Audio ) welcomes all of our consumers. RSQ ( Real Sound Quality ) was founded in 1996. As the leading brand of karaoke in the world, RSQ has complete line of karaoke equipments including players, portable systems, amplifiers, speakers, microphones, and other accessories. Based on our manufacturing facilities in Korea, RSQ develops quality products according to the market needs more quickly than any others. The goal of our business is to satisfy all of our consumers.

We will try our best to achieve the goal by providing the best products and service.

RSQ Ka 2000 karaoke mixing amplifier

2 Ch Karaoke Mixing Amplifier

A professional karaoke mixing amplifier which is a direct response to the needs and desires of karaoke professionals as well as home users. The KA-2000 has four-audio/video inputs with outstanding performances equal to that of any professional mixing amplifiers costing much more.

Easy to use controls easy to read Buttons and  professional results
Stereo Karaoke Amplifier
300W power output
Multiple A/V source selection ( 4 audio/ 4 video )
2 Mic inputs
Bass/Treble for Mic
Bass/Treble for Music
Echo effect Repeat/Delay/Echo

 RSQ KM-1000N Multi format Player DVD / CD+G  Karaoke packed with lots great features (built in 13 step key control, direct access numeric buttons on the player) for everyone. This Player is designed for regular karaoke use as well as dvd entertainment and will play most of the karaoke discs in the world. This unit is perfect for KJ/DJ or serious singers who needs to operate a disc player with or without using a remote controller.

RSQ KM 1000N Included items

RSQ KM 1000N Front pannel Left

RSQ KM 1000N Front pannel Right

RSQ KM 1000N Back Cable Hook Up


Multiformat DVD/CD+G karaoke Player

Supported formats: CD+G/DVD/MP3/MPEG4(DIVX)/MP3+G

Hot Features:

  • Play MP3+G Straight From A Disc, or from USB/SD
  • Direct Transfer of files to USB/SD card without computer
    • Will not rip video files, will only rip audio only files
  • Scoring Function
  • Music Tempo & Key Control


  • USB,SD connection for playing from external storage devices
  • Rack mountable for convenient operation, storage and transportation
  • Progressive scan - Non-Interlace Video Output for HDTV output
  • 4 Digits Direct Access for MP3, MP3+G & Divx
  • Compatible Format: CD+G, DVD, VCD, Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW, Kodak Picture CD, JPEG CD
  • Compatible with MP3+G (Loader :DVD Media, USB)
  • Built-in 5.1-channel Dolby Digital surround sound decoder and output
  • Outputs: S-Video, Component Video, Optical Output, 2 Channels, 5.1 Channels
  • 192kHz/24-bit stereo audio DACs
  • 2 x 1/4" Microphone Inputs
  • Universal power supply: AC 110V-220V, 50/60Hz, 25W
  • 8 mode digital EQ
  • Presets for Home Theater, Stereo Music or Karaoke modes
  • Multi-Laguage OSD
  • Type of Discs : CDG/DVD/VCD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3/DVD-R/MPEG-4/DVIX 3.11, 4.0, 5.0, 5.2
  • Video Format : DVD/MPEG2/VCD/MPEG1
  • Audio Format : MPEG1/MPEG2/PCM/DOLBY/DTS/5.1


  • Type of Discs : CDG/DVD/VCD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3/DVD-R/MPEG-4/DVIX 3.11, 4.0, 5.0, 5.2
  • Video Format : DVD/MPEG2/VCD/MPEG1
  • Audio Format : MPEG1/MPEG2/PCM/DOLBY/DTS/5.1

Signal Output:

  • Audio - 5.1 Channels output, Optical, Coaxial
  • Video - AV, S-Video, Y Cb/Pb Cr/Pr, RGB
  • Power Input : AC 90V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption : 25W
  •  RSQ KM-1000N Multi format Player DVD / CD+G _ MP3 + G The new karaoke standard.


This is a new set of Sweet Georgia Brown  68 disc set   Over  1000 Karaoke songs This package also
contains the Sweet Georgia Brown Tool Box 10 disc set and the Karaoke Kurrents 2009 6 disc set.

This is a link to adobe reader if you do not already have it please down load it for free it is a handy tool
have and it also enables you to print out a beautiful song book by artist and song title.
Get Adobe Reader
Get Adobe reader for free click here.

I have supplied links for the song books below. The song books are by Title and Artist.

 Click here for a song book by Artist   

   Click here for a song book by Title 

AWA  P-15


AWA P-15 Speaker 250 watts RMSAWA P-15 Speaker 250 watts RMS

AWA P15 Front View

  • Trapezoid Shape
  • Designed for Karaoke and DJ
  • Power Handling 250 Watts RMS 500 watts Program
  • Frequency Response 50 Hz- 20Khz
  • Input Impedance 8 ohms

AWA P-15 speaker with one speakone and two XLRAWA P-15 speaker with one speakone and two XLR

The back of the P15 has one Speakon input and two 1/4 inch inputs.
The speaker also has recessed handles.


Bottom view of the AWA P15Bottom view of the AWA P15

The Bottom of the speaker has rubber feet for floor placement. It also has a
Standard speaker mount.

AWA 102 VM   High quality vocal microphone an excellent choice for live Vocals.

The kit includes a Microphone and a 15ft  microphone cable

Vocal Microphone KitVocal Microphone Kit


We carry many popular karaoke CDG manufactures and the new MP3 + CDG Format.and no its not
Super CDG or NEO. It is truly MP3 + CDG. We just want you to know your new karaoke system
can be easily upgraded. Sales, Service and Support

Karaoke music CDG Discs



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