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Soundcraft Computer Karaoke System Lexicon Vocal Effects

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Soundcraft Computer Karaoke System with Lexicon Vocal Effects for Singing Professionals. Rock Solid 4000 Watts of real Power and a Sound Pressure Level of 131 DB to Back up the Powere Rating. That's Real Club Sound More details...
Price: $8,999.99
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Soundcraft Computer Karaoke System Lexicon Vocal Effects
Soundcraft Computer Karaoke System Lexicon Vocal Effects
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Product Details
Soundcraft Computer Karaoke System lexicon Vocal Effects for Singing Professionals      Soundcraft Computer Karaoke System Lexicon Vocal Effects for Singing Professionals
Why Lexicon ?
 Fact Since 1971 Lexicon have continuously introduced ground-breaking technology to the audio industry. Today, Lexicon
processing is heard on over 80% of all recordings- broadcast, film soundtracks, and music alike.
  • Included Items in this system
  • (1) Soundcraft EFX 12
  • (2) Electro Voice N/D767 Microphones
  • (1) DBX Drive Rack PX Powered Speaker Optimizer
  • (1) RSQ HD-767 Karaoke Computer Jukebox
  • (2) QSC 1000 Watts Each K 12 Lightweight Portable Powered Speakers Only 41 lbs
  • (2) K12 Carry Cases
  • (2) QSC 1000 Watts Each K Subs Portable Powered Subs Just 74 lbs
  • (2) K Sub Cases
  • (2) Speaker Stands
  • (1000+) Karaoke Songs 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's 00's - 68 Karaoke CDG Discs
  • All Connecting Cables

SOUNDCRAFT  KARAOKE Call us toll free 1-800-557-7464 

The Soundcraft EFX™ Series combines all the features of the popular Soundcraft EPM™ mixer with a built-in
24-bit, digital Lexicon® effects processor, expanding the Soundcraft low-cost, multipurpose compact range.

The Soundcraft EFX mixer uses the same AudioDNA® processor featured in many of the Digitech® and Lexicon
outboard equipment including the highly respected Lexicon MX400 processor. With over 35 years experience, the
 Lexicon name is synonymous with the best reverb and processing in the business, ensuring the finest quality effect
s not usually found in a console at this price level.

The Effects section fits neatly into the mixers compact framework which is available in 8 or 12 mono input variants,
 both with 2 stereo channels and an effects send on each channel. There are 32 effects to choose from with a tap tempo
 function, 3 effects parameter controls and a user effects setting store facility. An effects channel level clip LED and Mute
 function gives the user even more flexibility.

The emphasis with the Soundcraft EFX is very firmly on quality build and audio performance, with an easy to understand
 control surface in line with the Soundcraft professional range. The Soundcraft EFX uses the highly-transparent GB30 Mic
amp (designed by Graham Blyth for the company’s 30th anniversary, and also used on the larger LX7ii and GB Series
professional consoles).The Soundcraft EFX also offers all the features of the Soundcraft EPM most notably a configurable
aux send, XLR and ¼" metal jack connector sockets, RCA phono stereo playback inputs and record outputs, 3-band EQ
with a swept mid on the mono inputs, 3-band EQ on the 2 stereo inputs, TRS insert sockets, inserts on all mono inputs,
ten-segment LED output metering and a headphone output.

A Versatile Compact 12-channel Mixer - with Effects!
The Soundcraft EFX12 not only provides a versatile, feature-filled mixing platform with plenty of I/O options that make it great
for stage, studio, or house of worship applications, it also includes a stellar onboard 24-bit effects processor to make your sound
even better! The EFX12 includes 12 premium preamps, 32 effects settings, 3-band EQ (with swept mids on the mono channels),
an effects send on each channel, and more! You'll be amazed at the great sound and performance you get from the ultra-portable
12-channel mono/2-channel stereo EFX12!


Soundcraft EFX12

Soundcraft EFX12 12-channel Compact Mixer with Effects at a Glance:

Lexicon Effects



Since 1971 Lexicon have continuously introduced ground-breaking technology to the audio industry. Today, Lexicon processing is heard on over 80% of all recordings- broadcast, film soundtracks, and music alike.

Soundcraft and Lexicon

The Soundcraft Multi-Purpose FX Range uses the same AudioDNA® processor featured in many of the Digitech® and Lexicon® outboard equipment including the highly respected Lexicon MX500 processor. With over 35 years experience, the Lexicon name is synonymous with the best reverb and processing in the business, ensuring the finest quality effects ever found in a console at this price level.

Lexicon Effects Section Key Features

  • Built-in 24 bit Lexicon digital effects processor
  • 32 FX settings
  • 3 Parameter encoders
  • Tap Tempo
  • FX setting store function
  • 1 FX send on each channel
  • FX clip LED and mute function

More information, please Call 1-800-557-7464

  • Premium effects onboard
  • Easy to use
  • Great components

Soundcraft  EFX12 12-channel Compact Mixer with Effects Features:

  • 12+2 channel frame size
  • Built-in 24 bit Lexicon digital effects processor
  • 32 effects settings
  • Tap tempo and effects setting store function
  • One effects send on each channel
  • One configurable auxiliary bus
  • XLR-type and 1/4" metal jack connector sockets
  • RCA phono stereo playback inputs and record outputs
  • 3-band EQ with a swept mid on mono inputs
  • 3-band EQ on stereo inputs
  • TRS insert sockets and inserts on all mono inputs
  • Ten-segment LED output metering
  • Intuitive and comprehensive solo system
  • Headphone output
  • Easily rackmountable


  • Rack Up Your EPM12 0r EFX12
    The Soundcraft EPM12 or  EFX12 Rackmount Kit provides rack ears for your Soundcraft EPM12 or EFX12 12-channel mixer,
    so you can securely rackmount it.


N/DYM® Series Wired Microphones

The N/D767a is a dynamic supercardioid lead microphone l First choice among singers and engineers l Features VOB™ technology for
reduced boominess and P-popping l Extremely low handling noise.


Element Dynamic
Polar Pattern Supercardioid
Impedance, Low-Z balanced 300 Ohms
Connector Type 3-pin XLR
Open Circuit Voltage 3.1 mV/Pascal
Audio Frequency Response 35 - 22,000 Hz Near Field 70 - 22,000 Hz Far Field
Mic Type Handheld
Wired/Wireless Wired
Finish Non-reflecting Black
Case Material Metal
Weight Net 260 g ( 9.17 oz )
Dimensions (Height X Max Diameter) 181 x 52 mm
(7.13" x 2.05")

Microphone Applications:

Female Vocal, Jazz, Male Vocal, Rock

EV 767 Vocal MicrophoneEV 767 Vocal Microphone




Powered speakers are a beautiful thing. Everything you need bundled into one simple, tidy, portable package. Just grab ‘em and go, right?
Well, you may think your powered speaker system is complete, but you’re missing half the picture. DriveRack PX is the other half. In another
dbx industry first, we’ve created a processor specifically tailored for powered speakers. Utilizing our highly-acclaimed DriveRack technology,
the PX picks up where your powered speakers leave off.

The DriveRack PX Powered Speaker Optimizer has everything you need to get the most out of your stereo powered speaker system. It even
includes stereo or mono subwoofer support. With the included dbx M2 measurement mic, Auto-EQ corrects for audible deficiencies in the room
environment. Our patented Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS™) kills nasty feedback, allowing problem-free operation at higher sound levels,
while our patented Subharmonic Synthesizer™ extends bass response for enhanced bottom end. With all that, you also get classic dbx compression
and the protection offered by our graceful PeakPlus™ limiting. Your ears, your audience, and your powered speakers will forever thank you.

In spite of all that sophistication, rest assured we won’t overcomplicate the simplicity of your rig. Our exclusive Setup, Auto-EQ, and AFS Wizards,
and out-of-the-box support for a host of JBL and other popular powered speakers, make setup a snap. Louder, cleaner, better sound than you thought
possible from your powered speakers


  • Stereo Feedback Elimination with 12 feedback notch filters
  • Dual 28-band Graphic EQ
  • Classic dbx® Compressor
  • 120A Subharmonic Synthesizer
  • Stereo Multi-band Parametric EQ
  • Stereo PeakPlus™ Limiters
  • Pink Noise Generator
  • Auto-EQ with 28-Band RTA
  • JBL® and other popular powered speakers included in Setup Wizard
  • dbx M2 Measurement Mic and zippered pouch included
  • Front panel RTA-Mic XLR input with phantom power
  • 25 User Programs / 25 Factory Programs
  • 2 Channel XLR Input
  • 2 Channel XLR Output
  • 2 Channel XLR Sub Output
  • 24-Bit ADC/24-Bit DAC, >110 dB Dynamic Range
  • dbx Type IV™ Conversion System
  • Full Graphic LCD Display

Why just rock the house when you can rattle the foundation loose. The wildly popular beat of "House Music" is likely to be
 driven by the throbbing, low-end bass of dbx® Subharmonic Synthesizers in clubs around the world. For decades, the patented dbx Subharmonic
 Synthesis has been the secret weapon used by mobile DJ's and film and sound professionals to produce an impact unavailable from any other device
unique because the dbx process actually produces a new, Waveform Modeled bass note, exactly an octave below the bass in the original audio. The
dbx 120A Subharmonic Synthesizer with Modeled Waveform Synthesis has been specially optimized by dbx engineers for the needs of audio professionals.
Its two separate bands of bass synthesis provide the best combination of smoothness and control, and the independent Low Frequency Boost circuit is
designed to get the most out of high-performance low frequency speaker systems.
RSQ Karaoke

"Mediasync Corp. ( AKA RSQ Audio ) welcomes all of our consumers. RSQ ( Real Sound Quality ) was founded in 1996. As the leading
brand of karaoke in the world, RSQ has complete line of karaoke equipments including players, portable systems, amplifiers, speakers,
microphones, and other accessories. Based on our manufacturing facilities in Korea, RSQ develops quality products according to the
market needs more quickly than any others. The goal of our business is to satisfy all of our consumers. "


 "We will try our best to achieve the goal by providing the best products and service."



NEW!!!  Karaoke Computer Jukebox made just for karaoke. A very exciting karaoke computer and karaoke player all in one. Plays
 from the internal Hard Drive or Plays CDG Discs, DVD Discs, CD Discs, from the built in CD Player. The Built in CD Player
lets you also record karaoke songs directly to the internal hard drive. If you have any questions about this new karaoke computer
Call us toll free 1-800-557-7464 This machine is designed to please. Includes over 1000 karaoke songs.

RSQ HD-787

HD-787 Remote Control
Large easy to read remote control
 RSQ 787 HD Front     

  RSQ hd- 787 side

RSQ 787 in Dark



Defining Quality Karaoke Jukebox!!!

Do not waste  your time  searching songs from your disk library.
Just Select, Type & Copy songs to the Hard Disk of the machine.
You do not need to carry 1000 disks for a party or a event.
Save your Investment from scratches & Save your time too!!!!

- Deal Mode : Able to play songs from HDD & Loader
- Access over 40,000 + songs  through the on-screen selection with Keypad & Remote
- Over 40,000 song capacity
- Easy Capture CD+G, DVD, VCD, NEO+G disc directly into Hard Drive  
- Direct Playback from hard drive using pre assigned song number
- Easy Song Search by Titles & Singers with Keypad & Big Remote
- Reserve up to 99 songs
- Glow In the Dark Keyboard Big Remote Control & Front Panel Keypad
- 13 Steps Digital Key Control
- Able to select more songs while the song is playing
- Multiple Languages ( English, Chinese, Vietnamese )
- Comes with 2 remote controllers (1 Full functioning remote controller, 1 big keyboard remote)
- Able to use Dual Monitor


This is a new set of Sweet Georgia Brown  1 - 68   Over  1000 Popular Karaoke songs

Shipping Cost of the 68 CDG set will be as calculated by You. Using the shipping Calculator.

This is a link to adobe reader if you do not already have it please down load it for free it is a handy tool
have and it also enables you to print out a beautiful song book by artist and song title.
Get Adobe ReaderGet Adobe reader  for free click here.
I have supplied links to the song books below for the song books by title and artist.

Click here for a song book by Artist     Click here for a song book by Title

This machine also supports Karaoke NEO.  If you like to play with technology you will love the software below. The software below is NOT
required to run this machine. We just wanted you to know there is additional software free for this machine and the other RSQ NEO players.

What is the NEO+G format?:

  • NEO+G is a revolutionary new format of karaoke disc.
  • NEO+G format discs have virtually the same sound quality and graphics as a CD+G, but you will have many more advanced functions to help you to enjoy singing.
  • NEO+G is a licensed compression format allow 1000+ songs on DVD 9 media.

    Why is the NEO+G format for me?

    You have been doing karaoke for a while, and your CD+G collection requires you to rent a forklift in order carry your discs to your show. Imagine having the ability
    to take your CD+G discs, and compact your collection down to a fraction of the discs you previously had to carry. Well RSQ now offers you a tool that will convert
    songs ripped from your existing CD + G discs, into the NEO+G format.

    Want to make your own NEO+G format discs from your CDGs?

    This is now possible using the NEO+G builder tool.

        Create your own NEO+G format discs (Instructions) Click Here)

    Download the NEO+G format creation tool software Click Here "IT'S FREE"



    QSC Audio

    These Speaker play as hard as speaker weighing 4 times more and 5 times the size.


    • Lightweight portable powered speakers with legendary QSC amplifier power and reliability
    • 1000 watt Class D power modules in all models (2x500 W)
    • Extensive DSP enhances system performance
    • Attractive and professional appearance
    • Rugged ABS enclosures (K12)
    • Tour-grade 18 gauge steel grilles
    • Ergonomic handles with comfortable, non-slip grip
    • 35 mm pole sockets with Tilt-Direct™ (full range models)
    • M10 rigging points for suspended installation (full range models)
    •  K12 perform as main PA or stage monitors
    • Download user manual Click Here

    QSC K12 Front  Click here to see a hi res picture of the back of the speaker

    The QSC K Series is quite simply The New Standard in lightweight powered loudspeaker systems. Under the direction of Pat Quilter, QSC's team
    of amplifier engineers have created a new standard in Class D power modules unparalleled in the industry. Next, breaking from the traditional loudspeaker
    paradigm, every model is fitted with the identical 1.75" HF device (fullrange models) and woofers of the same high quality for unparalleled performance,
    regardless of speaker size.

    Extensive DSP processing is employed throughout, providing levels of sonic clarity and total output that defy the system's size and weight.

    Premium-grade materials, advanced construction processes and multiple mounting and suspension options allow for a wide range of live and installed

    Combo XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs accept both Mic and Line Level input while a set of RCA phono inputs (except KSub) allow additional connectivity
    to portable MP3 players, CD players and line-level mixers. Up to three audio sources can be mixed internally and summed to a balanced output for
    "daisy-chaining" of multiple units. Separate direct outputs are also provided on each channel for additional output flexibility.

    On-board switches provide preset EQ settings. The HF setting (fullrange models) can be set to VOCAL BOOST for additional presence in the
    critical mid-frequency area or FLAT for accurate reproduction of the incoming signal. The LF switch can be set to NORM, DEEP™ for additional
    bass extension, or EXT SUB (fullrange models) for use with an external subwoofer. The rear panel LED switch can be set to POWER, illuminating
    the front-mounted LED when the unit is powered on, OFF for applications where it is not desirable to illuminate the front LED, or LIMIT which
    indicates to the system operator that the clip limiter circuit has been engaged during operation.

    Fullrange models are housed in rugged ABS enclosures with a professional appearance that is at home in any application. ABS is a far more
    robust material than conventional speaker plastics and offers an additional measure of sonic clarity due to its internal rigidity. Ergonomic aluminum
    handles and a highly protective steel grille complete the package for ease of transport and long term durability.

    The K Series fullrange models feature a unique Tilt-Direct™ pole cup mounting system. A simple turn of the dial engages a 7.5 degree downward
    tilt of the speaker allowing acoustic energy to be kept on the audience and off reflective surfaces for applications where maximum coverage from a
    high-positioned speaker is desired. Integrated M10 suspension points allow for suspended applications with a K SERIES M10 KIT (sold separately)
    or Yoke bracket (sold separately).

    The KSub is a dual-12" bandpass design, constructed of premium birch and includes high-quality, low-noise casters. The subwoofer features a
    threaded pole receptacle for a positive, wobble free connection to a threaded speaker pole (included).

    Remote gain control capability is offered via a potentiometer (not included) connected to the on-board Euroblock connector. In an installed
    application, multiple K Series speakers can be "daisy-chained" for total gain control from a single remote pot. Auto-standby mode is engaged
    after 5 minutes of inactivity.

    Extensive DSP

    • DMT™ (Directivity Matched Transition) provides for matched LF and HF coverage across the entire listening area, eliminating
      unnatural "dead" or "hot" frequency zones.
    • Intrinsic Correction™, first featured in our high-end line-array products maps 65-75 spacially-averaged measurements to
      IIR and FIR filters that actively adjust time, frequency and amplitude response to a maximally flat bandpass target. The result is
      a speaker that behaves equally well across the entire sound field.
    • DEEP™ and excursion limiting allow for extended low-frequency response by actively managing low-frequency transients
      without degradation of the underlying signal or adjacent frequencies.
    • GuardRail™ protection, first introduced on our GX Series amplifiers protects both the amplifier module and your performance
      from unnatural and destructive clipping.
    Multipurpose 2-way

    12" cone transducer
    1.75" diaphragm compression driver
    Frequency Response (-6 dB)
    52 Hz - 18 kHz
    Frequency Range (-10 dB)
    48 Hz - 20 kHz
    Nominal Coverage (-6 dB)
    75° conical
    Maximum SPL (1 meter)
    131 dB peak
    Power Output
    1000 W Class D
    (500 W LF, 500 W HF)
    Input Impedance (ohms)
    XLR / ¼": 40k balanced / 20k unbalanced
    XLR / ¼" MIC mode: 2260 balanced
    RCA: 10k
    Power, Gain A, Gain B, Mic/Line, LF Mode (Ext Sub/Norm/DEEP™), HF Mode (Flat/Vocal Boost), Front LED (On/Off/Limit)
    Power, Signal A, Signal B, Standby, Limit, Mic
    Balanced female XLR/¼" line/mic level input, Balanced female XLR/¼" line level input, Dual Balanced male XLR full range line level out , Balanced male XLR "mix" out, Stereo RCA line level input, Remote gain control, Locking IEC power connector
    On demand, 50 mm variable speed fan
    Amplifier Protection
    Thermal limiting, output overcurrent, overtemperature muting, GuardRail™
    Transducer Protection
    Thermal limiting, excursion limiting
    AC Power Input
    Universal power supply 85 - 265 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz
    AC Power Consumption
    (1/8 Power)
    100 VAC, 2.3 A
    120 VAC, 2.01 A
    230 VAC, 1.13 A
    Impact resistant ABS
    Black paint
    Black powder coated 18 gauge steel
    Dimensions (HWD)
    23.7" x 14" x 14"
    603 mm x 356 mm x 356 mm
    Weight (Net)
    41 lb / 18.6 kg
    Available Accessories

    QSC K12 Front       QSC K 12 Back Panel

             QSC K12 Right Angle

    QSC K12 Monitor Speaker QSC K12 Monitor Speaker Floor Angle




              QSC K12 speaker Stand Mount Tilt      QSC K12 Speaker Stand Straight




    QSC K 12 Speaker Corner  QSC K 12 Speaker Handle




    K SUB





    K Series KSub
    Configuration 4th Order Bandpass

    2 x 12" cone transducers
    Frequency Response (-6 dB) 48 Hz - 134 Hz
    Frequency Range (-10 dB) 44 Hz - 148 Hz
    Maximum SPL (1 meter) 130 dB peak
    Power Output 1000 W Class D (2x500 W)
    Input Impedance (ohms) XLR / ¼": 40k balanced / 20k unbalanced
    Controls Power, Gain, LF Mode (Normal/DEEP™), Polarity (Normal/Reverse), Front LED (On/Off/Limit)
    Indicators Power, Signal, Standby, Limit
    Connectors Dual balanced female XLR/¼" line level input, Dual Balanced male XLR full range line level out, Remote gain control, Locking IEC power connector
    Cooling On demand, 50 mm variable speed fan
    Amplifier Protection Thermal limiting, output overcurrent, overtemperature muting, GuardRail™
    Transducer Protection Thermal limiting, excursion limiting
    AC Power Input Universal power supply 85 - 265 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz
    AC Power Consumption
    (1/8 Power)
    100 VAC, 2.3 A
    120 VAC, 2.01 A
    230 VAC, 1.13 A
    Material Painted birch plywood
    Finish Black textured paint
    Dimensions (HWD) 26" x 14" x 28.1" (including casters)
    665 mm x 356 mm x 714 mm
    Weight (Net) 74 lb / 33.6 kg
    Available Accessories KSub COVER

    All Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice.

    K Series Amplifier Modules

    K Series Amplifier Modules
     K12   KSub

    We are a factory authorized QSC Retailer


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