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RSQ HD-787 Karaoke Computer Jukebox Player Song Pack Included

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RSQ HD-787 Karaoke Player with built in Hardrive includes over 1000 karaoke songs More details...
Price: $599.95
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RSQ HD-787 Karaoke Computer Jukebox Player Song Pack Included
RSQ HD-787 Karaoke Computer Jukebox Player Song Pack Included
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Product Details
 NEW!!!  Karaoke Computer Jukebox made just for karaoke. A very exciting karaoke computer and karaoke player all in one. Plays from the internal Hard Drive or Plays CDG Discs, DVD Discs, CD Discs, from the built in CD Player. The Built in CD Player lets you also record karaoke songs directly to the internal hard drive. If you have any questions about this new karaoke computer Call us toll free 1-800-557-7464 This machine is designed to please. Includes over 1000 karaoke songs.

RSQ HD-787

HD-787 Remote ControlRSQ 787 HD Front

RSQ hd- 787 sideRSQ 787 in Dark



Defining Quality Karaoke Jukebox!!!

Do not waste  your time  searching songs from your disk library.
Just Select, Type & Copy songs to the Hard Disk of the machine.
You do not need to carry 1000 disks for a party or a event.
Save your Investment from scratches & Save your time too!!!!

- Deal Mode : Able to play songs from HDD & Loader
- Access over 40,000 + songs  through the on-screen selection with Keypad & Remote
- Over 40,000 song capacity
- Easy Capture CD+G, DVD, VCD, NEO+G disc directly into Hard Drive  
- Direct Playback from hard drive using pre assigned song number
- Easy Song Search by Titles & Singers with Keypad & Big Remote
- Reserve up to 99 songs
- Glow In the Dark Keyboard Big Remote Control & Front Panel Keypad
- 13 Steps Digital Key Control
- Able to select more songs while the song is playing
- Multiple Languages ( English, Chinese, Vietnamese )
- Comes with 2 remote controllers (1 Full functioning remote controller, 1 big keyboard remote)
- Able to use Dual Monitor


This is a new set of Sweet Georgia Brown  1 - 68   Over  1000 Popular Karaoke songs

Shipping Cost of the 68 CDG set will be as calculated by You. Using the shipping Calculator.

This is a link to adobe reader if you do not already have it please down load it for free it is a handy tool
have and it also enables you to print out a beautiful song book by artist and song title.
Get Adobe ReaderGet Adobe reader  for free click here.
I have supplied links to the song books below for the song books by title and artist.

Click here for a song book by Artist     Click here for a song book by Title

This machine also supports Karaoke NEO.  If you like to play with technology you will love the software below. The software below is NOT required to run this machine. We just wanted
you to know there is additional software free for this machine and the other RSQ NEO players.

What is the NEO+G format?:

  • NEO+G is a revolutionary new format of karaoke disc.
  • NEO+G format discs have virtually the same sound quality and graphics as a CD+G, but you will have many more advanced functions to help you to enjoy singing.
  • NEO+G is a licensed compression format allow 1000+ songs on DVD 9 media.

    Why is the NEO+G format for me?

    You have been doing karaoke for a while, and your CD+G collection requires you to rent a forklift in order carry your discs to your show. Imagine having the ability to take your CD+G discs, and compact your collection down to a fraction of the discs you previously had to carry. Well RSQ now offers you a tool that will convert songs ripped from your existing CD + G discs, into the NEO+G format.

    Want to make your own NEO+G format discs from your CDGs?

    This is now possible using the NEO+G builder tool.

        Create your own NEO+G format discs (Instructions) Click Here)

    Download the NEO+G format creation tool software Click Here "IT'S FREE"


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